AJT Technology Solutions empowers our clients with Information Technology Communication Solutions

AJT has a unique combination of BICSI-certified technology designers and technicians that create one of the most knowledgeable team of consultants in the information communication technology (ICT) industry. Our experienced team provide systematic and innovative planning, design and integration for our clients that count on reliable Technology and Security systems as vital components their daily operations.

Our key personnel were hand selected by AJT founder and Principal Consultant, Todd Hill, who had a vision to assemble the best design teams in the industry from the best people he had worked with in the past.

As a team, the members have designed projects totaling over $20 Billion in construction value over the past 12 years. AJT’s team of RCDDs and technicians have worked on award winning projects throughout the country and around the world. Now that this team has come together to create AJT, they have started to build a diverse global portfolio.