At AJT, we are poised to meet the challenges new technologies present while taking advantage of the benefits these technologies provide. We build communication, audiovisual and security systems that create a robust, reliable, and cost-conscious solutions that are truly integrated in the project . We design the Information Communication Technology (ICT) systems, not as an afterthought, but as an integral component of the facility, coordinated with the architecture and building systems from Day 1. Our experienced and tested team of consultants, designers, Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD), Outside Plant Designers (OSP), and Network Technology Systems Designers (NTS) work together to bring intelligent design to the most challenging facilities. We bring a team approach to our clients that facilitates communication, minimizes risk, and produces integrated spaces to be proud of.


We offer many design and consulting services in the ICT industry.  The following are some of the services we offer:

Structured Cabling System Design and Consulting

Structured Cabling Systems (SCS), Information Technology Cabling (IT) Low voltage Cabling (LV), or Extra Low Voltage Cabling (ELV), no matter what you call it, we understand it! The systems supported by the cabling infrastructure are central to keeping an intelligent facility smart. Whether the systems are transmitting data, voice, or video, our clients depend on us to properly design a platform that supports their mission and grows with their vision. Our team of professionals, include Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD), Outside Plant Specialists (OSP), Network Transport Specialists (NTS) and BIM Experts, are ready to tackle the most demanding challenges.

Security System Design and Consulting

Our team of security experts provide security and protection schemes for a wide variety of facility and client types. We utilize a quantitative approach to threat and risk assessments and apply that data to designing customized solutions that protect employees, property, and assets, while minimizing impacts to normal operations. Our integrated solutions can include video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, visitor management, security procedure analysis, and master planning.

Audio Visual System Design and Consulting

Audiovisual and multimedia systems can vary greatly and it is important to have an AV expert on your team to provide right-sized solutions for your firm. At AJT, we provide budget-conscious analysis at the start of a project to establish the client needs and budget for each space. Throughout the design we return to the initial needs analysis to ensure we are and providing the highest performing systems within the client’s budget. Whether it’s mission critical command centers for the space industry, training rooms for higher education facilities, or huddle spaces for corporate teams scattered across the globe, our team can bring solutions that break thru communication barriers.

Network Design and Consulting

The corporate network has long been the central nervous system of an organization, and its importance has only increased with the proliferation of IP devices, BYOD adoption, and the Internet of things (IoT).  Not only are we asking our networks to be faster, more secure & reliable, we also ask them to support a wider variety of non-traditional systems. Careful network design is required for both wired and wireless systems to ensure we can provide the required coverage, bandwidth, and security protocols across an ever-changing landscape. Our team can provide network master planning, testing and benchmarking, and wired and wireless surveys and design services regardless of your platform.

Technology and Migration Project Management

IT technology is not the only things that change, so do people. As a company grows, CIOs and IT managers are often asked to predict how the company IT systems are going to grow in the future without a roadmap to guide the way. Or maybe they have change companies and find themselves with inherited challenges and need to baseline the systems and establish standards and budgets.

AJT ‘s PMPs can provide unbiased planning and management services to baseline current IT systems and supporting infrastructure, identify deficiencies, and recommend a path forward to reach the goals of the firm. We can create IT standards and procedural guidelines, provide 1-, 3-, and 5-year master plans, and develop budgets to reach those milestones. Our cost analysis services can provide data for corporate decision-making and justification requirements.


AJT Technology Designs is a company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

In August 2015 we partnered with AJT Technology Designs to provide technology design services for telecommunications infrastructure renovations for Cook County in Chicago IL.  This project was completed successfully and we are looking forward to working again with AJT Technology Designs.

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