Our success can be attributed to the partners we select. We work with architects, engineers and construction professionals to create design-build teams perfectly matched to the unique demands of any given project. Our partners pride themselves on the ingenuity needed in solving problems and creating environments that motivate and inspire. Under this delivery system, our team works together to eliminate time loss and expense, shortening the schedule and minimizing owner risk.

We’ve embraced the art and science of design-build process, and created an efficient approach that has not only garnered attention, but delivered results.


We offer extraordinary network integration services in both new construction and renovations with projects ranging in size and value to deliver unmatched customer satisfaction.  The following are some of the services we offer:

Structured Cabling System Integration

Structured Cabling Integration Services are the core of all technology services which is why proper installation is so critical, but often over looked due to it typically being the lowest cost system on a project.  AJT Technicians understand the importance of the structured cabling system and make sure no short cuts are taken during construction.

Security System Integration

Safe guarding our clients’ employees, property, assets and customers has never been more critical than with the current social and political climate.  Our technicians not only insure that the security systems hardware they install are operating correctly but, more importantly the operating procedures implemented go beyond industry standards and adhere with the suggestions of each threat assessment performed.

Audio Visual System Integration

If projects allow, we build and test each system in house prior to installing it on site.  This allows us to flush out any issues an audiovisual system may have which minimizes our testing and commissioning time in the field.  Our technician’s knowledge and experience provides them the ability to complement architect’s original vision.  We are able to customize finishes to seamlessly blend all the components of the system into each space.

Integration Project Management

Construction is a complicated process with many moving parts.  The difference between a successful project and one that is over budget and delayed often comes down to project management.  Many integrators hire people who know project management or know how to build.  AJT only hires project managers that know both.  This allows our projects to move along with limited issues, budget overruns, or delays in schedule whether we work under a general contractor or directly with a client.

Wireless Network Integration

Wireless integration is more than just equally staggering wireless access points throughout a facility.  Our technicians know how different materials drastically effect the propagation of wifi signal.  They also know that the changing of inventory in a warehouse can drastically change the effectiveness of a wireless network on a daily, if not hourly basis.  Our technicians are trained and certified to use tools like active and passive surveys and assist in channel selection to minimize co-channel interference which is the main factor in wireless network degradation.  These tools allow them to generate an accurate heat map of each facility insuring proper wireless deployment and ubiquitous coverage so they can properly commission each system.


AJT Technology Integration is a company with a reputation for unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

We have partnered with AJT Technology Integration on multiple projects and they have alway displayed professionalism, technical expertise, and commitment to their clients.  AJT Technology Integration has been an integral part of our design team in the past and will continue to be well into the future.

Chase Nelson, Stage Front Presentation Systems